RP Boo 'Legacy Volume 2' 2x12" (Red Vinyl)
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RP Boo 'Legacy Volume 2' 2x12" (Red Vinyl)

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RP Boo's essential first album, 2013's ‘Legacy’ caused a storm of acclaim worldwide as people finally started to piece together his true place in Footwork and the powerful legacy of his work as an innovator.

*Audio Coming Soon*

1. Eraser (explicit)
2. Heavy Heat
3. Total Darkness

1. Flo-Control
2. Under'D-Stat
3. Say Grace
4. Knock Out

1. Azzoutof Control
2. B.O.T.O.
3. Pop Machine

1. Porno (explicit)
2. Off Da Hook
3. Last Night

Expected: May 2023

Cat: ZIQ456

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