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Karim Maas 'UVB76-017' 12"
UVB-76 Music

Karim Maas 'UVB76-017' 12"

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Karim Maas leads a collaborative 3-track 12” alongside Outer Heaven and Charlene. ‘The Force’ with Outer Heaven true to name is a solid modern jungle stomper cutting and sliding between breaks, drum rolls and shuffles. Solo effort ‘Mosquito’ dials down the tempo to a distorted hardcore-esque noise and bass workout, crunched breaks and overdriven keys aplenty. ‘The People United Will Never Be Defeated’ alongside Charlene voyages over 9 minutes into the realms of experimental noise, a sonic finale to complete Karim Maas’ triptych descent into tempo- less domain. An EP that expresses Karim Maas’ range and versatility.

Expected: 23rd October 2020

Cat: UVB76-017

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