Unknøwn Assailant vs Silent Assassins 'Unknøwn Assailant 001' 12"
Unknøwn Assailant

Unknøwn Assailant vs Silent Assassins 'Unknøwn Assailant 001' 12"

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Unknøwn Assailant is a limited run vinyl only label shrouded in mystery. Each of the four tracks on the first release touches on a different style of techno ranging from cinematic acid of “Forgiveness But No Surender” to the peak time energy and in your face style of “Silent Scream”.

Incorporating the dark and stripped back minimal style of “Whippet” along with the clunky dance floor groove of “The Sickness” it is a well-rounded eclectic package that fuses analogue textures with ambient moods and bursts of energy.

Each of the tracks have been made in collaboration with an artist who wishes to keep their identity a secret, so the music does the talking for itself. Unknøwn Assailant pins the release together featuring on each of the collaborations, and the four Silent Assassins range from artists known for their top selling releases on well-known labels to others lesser known in the realms of techno.

This release is limited to a vinyl pressing of only 200 copies with more in the series of secretive releases to follow in the coming months.

Cat: UNAS001

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