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Following up his magical singles Rupees, Las-Vegas by way of Chicago underdog DJ Lucky brings us his debut album Triple 7. Featuring fellow colleagues such as DJ Manny, Taso, and Weezy, this LP compiles work from a rather undocumented member of the Teklife family. These 10 tracks are pure modern footwork tailor-made for the dancers, but with tons of rave-friendly sonics in-between. 

Opening things up with the ethereal DJ Manny collaboration War, Lucky sets the tone for the rest of the album with its thick, moody atmosphere. At times the vibe here is soulful, other times it’s eerie, often it’s all of the above. There’s rolling jungle breaks with a hip-hop lean on tracks like G.B.G.W., and there’s lots of sinister battle dramatics like those on Hit Da Flo. The synth work is masterfully crafted throughout the album, with lots of trance-inducing arpeggios like those on GAWD, and of course the drums are relentless, with huge swooshing snares bombarding your ears on Lost Without U. It’s a perfect soup pot of the emotions that make footwork great: dark and intimidating, yet full of passion. 

Triple 7  is a great introduction to a member of the footwork community that some fans might have slept on. Lucky grew up in the culture both making music and dancing, and this album proves how crucial his sound is to the art form. It’s uncut floor burning music sure enough to cause lots of trouble in the circle and beyond.

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