Israel Vines 'And Now We Know Nothing Remixed' 12" [Import]
Interdimensional Transmissions

Israel Vines 'And Now We Know Nothing Remixed' 12" [Import]

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The remix record for Israel Vines' "And Now We Know Nothing" debut album, featuring Regis & Simon Shreeve doing a burning hot take as CUB, BMG & Erika delivering an outer space hypno drum groove as ECTOMORPH, Sean & Katie Rose O'Sullivan doing a deep techno take with wave influences and vocals as FURTHER REDUCTIONS, and a futuristic take from Standards & Practices and Common Name cofounder KEN MEIER, who also designed the whole triptych, including the iconic album cover. Thus we bring LA, Birmingham, Detroit, New York and Seoul together for the final chapter of Eye Teeth and the final piece of this triptych by Israel Vines on Interdimensional Transmissions. This ends Eye Teeth, it has been a wonderful run. Long live the new flesh!

Expected: May 2021

Cat: TEETH-10

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