Sectra ‘Counter Culture’ EP 12"

Sectra ‘Counter Culture’ EP 12"

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Introducing USA based artist Jon Linskey aka ‘Sectra’ to Tectonic! With a truly unique sound, Sectra’s music sits among the crushing, claustrophobic weight of Shapednoise drone spaces, the percussive dexterity of a Detroit techno wizard and summoning the power of DMZ with sub bass sonics designed to hug your ankles.

‘A Demon In My View’ runs at a dangerous 90bpm, a total night stalker of a beat riddled with menace and the deep stench of fear. You will be scared, but that’s OK, we’ll get through this. ‘Counter Culture’ runs at 126bpm and projects us far out into distance space for a Sci-Fi adventure to a distant galaxy with a techno shaped rocket to propel us out there (well, there’s a 4/4 kick in there at least..).

Flip for ‘Ashes’ where we get a hint of dubstep influence melded with mangling technology and more perfectly placed sounds. Lastly we turn to ‘Bedlam’ which takes the pace down a few notches and we find ourselves hypnotized in a half-step, rocking gently, wrapped in a blanket, slowly shaking off the trauma.

Expected: 24th Sept 2021

Cat: TEC114

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