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Have you ever been drawn to someone’s energy on a dance floor and found your souls connecting on a spiritual level?


Well in the summer of 2019, that’s what kept happening to me. After coming out of a difficult period my vibrations were electric and I kept connecting with underground music heads from around the world. Most influentially, it was a pair of Techno ravers from India (Ronak and Ria), and a Jazz Fusion lover (Tima) from Saudi Arabia. They told me passionately about their scenes, and challenged my entire view of what I had perceived their countries to be like. I had to share their stories!

So I started Rave Report to interview people like this, and to document the roots, exportations and diasporas of the underground music genres I love so much. It’s also why I’ve poured my heart and soul into documenting my local London scene.

This zine is celebrating three years of Rave Report and all the amazing humans I’ve met on dancefloors or connected with online to share their stories. I’ve selected a few features which tie in most closely with my values when it comes to music journalism:

• Challenging stereotypes enforced by the Western media
• Crediting the roots and history of the music we love and benefit from so much
• Taking a less UK-centric view on underground music
• Reflecting on what we can learn from other cultures to better our own

Finally, this zine is a reminder that anyone can document their scenes in 2022. I hope this might inspire you to get out there and give back to the movements you love so much by listening, learning, collaborating and crediting where they come from.

Edition: 1.2
Cat no. SSC004
Released: 3rd Dec 2022

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