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*PRE-ORDER* Molecular 'Heritage & Sound' 12"
Sofa Sound

*PRE-ORDER* Molecular 'Heritage & Sound' 12"

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Molecular signals his stance, paying homage to the roots in his highly anticipated debut album - 'Heritage & Sound'.

Drawing influence from Dub music and soundsystem / soundclash culture, Molecular harnesses his inspirations, exploring the very rudiments, with a close respect for the OGs and the processes that laid the foundations for this music.

Hailing artists like Dillinja and the innovation of his seminal 'My Sound' album, Molecular has a passion for classic production techniques and keeping it simple; going back to basics and focusing on the roots.

"It’s all about the bass, the music, the dancefloor. The many styles that have been influenced by or directly born from dub music and soundsystem culture have taken the globe by storm, but we can never forget the roots of these styles and genres".

With DLR a key supported from early on, releasing his 'Skank EP' in late 2020, Molecular has built a strong following since, with Alix Perez, DJ Marky, Break, Kasra, Doc Scott and Skeptical being just a few standout and consistent supporters.

With a few special features from Waeys & Madrush MC, Carasel and Lavance, its the first true testimony of the Molecular sound.

This is what he is all about.


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Expected: May 2024

Cat: SS011

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