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London-based producer Prayer is set to release a 3-track EP titled "Io" on Rua Sound's SPHERES series. Following previous releases on esteemed imprints such as Hooversound, Black Acre, Grade 10, and Cult Music, Prayer is known for creating atmospheric jungle with an emotive energy that can range from poignant to ecstatic.


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Prayer flexes that muscle on opening track 'Set Me Free' with layers of vocals over euphoric breakbeats. "Break Through" takes a turn towards trance-influenced synths, building to a four-on-the-floor finale that reaches for the sky.

On the B-side, Reteoric takes over with an epic jungle track that clocks in at just under 12 minutes. The emotive energy of this track is aptly described as "epic" and serves as a fitting conclusion to the EP. Tim Reaper comes through with a remix of this track as a digital bonus.

Named after the third-largest moon of Jupiter, "Io" is the third release in Rua Sound's SPHERES series.

Cat no. SPHERE003
Released: 16th June 2023


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