Tony Simmons / Soul Shack 'I can’t let you go / Galactic Funk' 12" (Reissue)

Tony Simmons / Soul Shack 'I can’t let you go / Galactic Funk' 12" (Reissue)

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Brit Funk at it’s finest! Tony Simmons eye-wateringly expensive ’83 jam ‘I can’t let you go’ backed with Soul Shack’s cosmic masterpiece ‘Galactic Funk’ from 1980, reissued for a new generation.

Stepping up first ‘I can’t let you go’, slaps a smile on your face before you’ve even got 30 seconds in. Harnessing that raw, live instrumentation energy that made up so much of Brit Funk’s charm, a recipe for happiness via a killer drumbeat, heavyweight bassline, dazzling guitars and uplifting vocals. With originals trading hands for close to £200 this reissue will be welcome sight for many.

On the flip, a cosmic kaleidoscope in the form of Soul Shack’s ‘Galactic Funk’. Slap bass at boiling point, synth lines to tingle the spine and raucous chants to send your head to another dimension.

Two Brit Funk gems that you need in your life!

Expected: 30th July 2021


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