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An elusive, anonymous producer whose veil has allowed him to build an impressive sonic identity unhindered by preconceptions, Roho has amassed a loyal following with his contributions to various Samurai compilations, his essential debut EP (Alter Ego) for Homemade Weapons 'Weaponry' label and the Fatum EP alongside Torn.


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Long in the works, his Samurai debut solo EP - Elemental - is another peak in his ascendance. Kicking the door in with arguably his biggest track to date - the title track Elemental, the energy level is ratcheted up to overload with a procession of searing amens, pummelling kicks and pulsing mid surges. This track has been causing maximum damage in clubs and is really a time capsule display of the half-step/breaks combination that has come to be synonymous with the Samurai sound. 'The Primal Instinct' leans back slightly to sway and swing the edits as it rolls, while 'Storm' goes for the jugular again with a robust march into a winding amen lash. Torn appears to collaborate on the EP closer 'Phase Unwrapping' and as always, these two like minds create something special - a distortion and fast-paced kick attack with adept fills and rolling percussion.

Cat no. SMDE28
Released: 16th Sep 2022

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