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Everyone’s favourite Welsh producer, Harrison BDP, channels deep, chugging house,
sun-kissed 2-step and introspective rollers on the Perspective EP on SITU Records.
‘Every Cloud’ is as buoyant as the title would suggest; a cut of inward-looking
garage-breakbeat perfectly suited for gazing out to sea; although the ocean is filled with tears, and where there should be one blazing ball of fire there are two.

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‘Sometimes It’s Like That’ is an ode to the producers care-free spirit; a bouncing cut of
electronica that symbolises a happy accident - like mistaking a zoot for a cigarette - it’s
malfunctioning bleeps and vibrations slowly sinking the listener into a kaleidoscope of
colours, tones and textures, before ‘Perspective’ brings us back down to earth with its
jacking aesthetic and sample-speech, reminiscent of the Chicago greats but with a hefty
dose of the producers own personality.

‘Floating or Sinking’ rounds things up with wobbly, chugging textures that do exactly what it
says on the tin. Am I floating, am I sinking? It doesn’t really matter; we could be floating
through not-so-distant galaxies or sinking into a ground of a thousand hugs - either way, it’s
a blissed out trip worth going on.

Expected: May 2021

Cat: SITU-777

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