Skream 'Steel City Dance Discs Volume 23' 12"
Steel City Dance Discs

Skream 'Steel City Dance Discs Volume 23' 12"

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Pick your poison! Skream bites down for Steel City Dance Discs Volume 23. The Croydon (London, U.K.) native strikes hard with a 3-track injection of heaving dance floor venom.

A motley of pumping rhythms courses through the veins of this EP as he reaches into his diverse repertoire of soundscapes.

The record opens up with Doolally – a euphoric House shaker intoxicated with nostalgia. Now in its grip, Space Ghetto swells up with tight breaks and aching bass; the tune is peppered with head nods to early hardcore tropes and a voice recording of Big Miz. Symptoms persist with Drago The Destroyer, which finishes us off with a rapid onslaught of chest thumping kicks and off-kilter synth rushes.

Nothing will save you.

Expected: Oct 2021

Cat: SCDD023

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