Atom TM '0.9' 12"

Atom TM '0.9' 12"

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After their successful collaboration on “<3”, AtomTM and X1N are back, this time presenting the 4 track EP “0.9”. It contains both the opening and closing tracks of “<3” as well as their corresponding mutations. While “0.9 (Almost a Unit)” was remixed by Esplendor Geométrico, “Almost a Unit (0.9)” got reworked by Peter van Hoesen. “Both renditions contribute amplified iterations of inherent attributes of <3” as X1N eloquently states. On a side note it may be mentioned that in mathematics, the expression “0.999..” is considered being identical to 1. Meditating over that very fact may tell you a lot about our current reality. #HardCodePop //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PROXIMITY IS DESTINY DREAMS AS SEARCH ENGINES X //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// IN THE VAST SURFACE OF ALL MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS ONE CAN SENSE EVENTS WHICH SEEM TO COME FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS - RIPPLES AND PATTERNS. THE ZERO POINT NINE INFINITE NUMBER LINE NEVER REACHES ONE, YET IS ONE, NONETHELESS. (X1N) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// “I TALK IN ALPHA NUMERALS” (X1N) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ************************************************ ### denotes “end”. No more messages to follow.

Expected: 12th February 2021 

Cat: RM195

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