Requisite Music


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Friske returns to his home field Requisite with three cuts of high gloss Jungle futurism.

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Buoyant Apache breaks clatter back and forth over nostalgic key lines and haunting voices on “Encounter”, hypnotizing your mind while hulking subs pummel your chest,  bullying you to engage your feet.

“Overstep” switches to villain mode, prowling underneath the searchlights with sinister digi-dancehall riddim and techno stab Rufige, drenched in chilling atmosphere and brooding attitude.

The optimism returns as Friske loads up tightly wound breaks on “In Effect”, harnessing echos of Speed era ambiance with fluttering keys and airy melodies spiralling up and over the early morning mist.

Cat no. REQ009
Released: 10th Nov 2023

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