Basic Rhythm & Lamont 'Hard Shoulder / Spring Back' 12"
Raw Basics

Basic Rhythm & Lamont 'Hard Shoulder / Spring Back' 12"

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The third release on Raw Basics is a collaborative effort from Basic Rhythm and the inimitable Lamont.

On the A side we have Hard Shoulder. Starting with an electro groove and meditative synth line, pausing for a moment to drop in a head nodding bass stab to accentuate the percussion before bringing in a gritty percussive roll and flair evoking Detroit and Chicago but with a contemporary twist. Hard Shoulder is a modern electro roller with energy to spare.

On the B side is Spring Back, a deeper more melodic affair that opens with a distorted chime melody, bringing to mind children nursery rhymes, before stripping back to clear simple percussion and bass stab. The track rolls along, dipping in and out of the melody line and playing with the time signature, before bringing in a deep sub bass and switching the groove up. This is space age bass music!

Cat: RB0003

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