D3U5E & Gav 'Subterra Highway' 12"

D3U5E & Gav 'Subterra Highway' 12"

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For decades there have been rumours of arterial secret tunnels running beneath our cities. No-one knows why or how long they have been there but maps and reports have appeared over the years thanks to a handful of wide-eyed whistleblowers.

Often hiding in plain sight behind faceless logos and Haga fencing, these tunnels are said to contain the government’s dark explorations, store unspoken cargo and even house extraterrestrial experiments.

Subterra Highway is the debut EP from D3U5E & GAV. A tribute to conspiracy theories, obsession and corporate illusion.

An important moment for both artists and Programm's first release after our sampler last June. Each track of the EP takes you down a different path. Jittering in and out of the darkness with both artist's trademark off kilter drums and engulfing basslines. They draw on influences from breaks, grime, and UK techno to travel down each rabbit hole.

The cover is designed by Alfie Allen and we have worked with directors Constantine Spence on a music video for Free Mars.

Expected: 28th May 2021

Cat: PRGMM002

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