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Various 'About People EP' 12" [Import]
Positive Future

Various 'About People EP' 12" [Import]

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Parisian artists Poggio and Gabriel Belabbas proudly present Positive Future, their new electronic music label strictly focused on good vibes and positive energy. This first release “About People EP” is a 4 track various record produced by Berlin-based French artists 95 Steps, Elliot and ENE (aka Ethel & Elliot) and will be released in spring 2021.

Let’s start with “Xmas”, a badass breakbeat track by Elliot Sindall, founder of DISCOURS label & second half of the JÄFAR duo. That unstoppable loop will urge you to the dancefloor with irresistible force, there is simply no escape to this groove. Then comes the trancy and spicy “Thistle” by ENE, produced by Elliot & Ethel (member of the French label RA+RE). The kind of hybrid unidentified track that you can only use when the night hits a special moment.

On the other side of the wax, 95 Steps (aka Size) brought us “About People”, another brilliant breakbeat tune with a warm bassline, a punchy beat and a very classy jazzy vibe. PF001 concludes with the house bomb “Traxx”, created with only one purpose : to make you smile when the sun comes up (can you feel the vibeee ?). 95 steps has produced a classic house track inspired by Chicago legends.

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Cat: PF001

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