Fruit 'Gilgamesh' 12" [Import]
Øen Records

Fruit 'Gilgamesh' 12" [Import]

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ØEN Records is back with a special two track EP from up and coming Copenhagen based producer Fruit. Originally from Iceland, but based in Denmark Fruit has been making waves in the Copenhagen club scene with his eloquent DJ and live-sets. Following up his acclaimed 2019 Drømmeland EP for Coastal Haze he is finally back with two epic, fast-paced and euphoric tracks to light up the summer dance floors.

Drawing inspiration from myths and legends and particularly the Epic of Gilgamesh – a 4000 year old poem from ancient Mesopotamia – “Gilgamesh” is a hypnotic and trancey trip destined for the peak hours of the post-corona parties.

Created during the peak of the pandemic on an old half broken borrowed MacBook, the two distinct but kindred tracks are testament to Fruits unique production style, effortlessly navigating between euphoric fast-paced house, ambient soundcapes, hypnotic percussion and haunting atmospheres. Skillfully crafted and executed “Gilgamesh” is primed for both floor and mind.

Expected: 10th Sept 2021

Cat: OEN020

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