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Slave To Society (ex AnD) returns to Natural Selection with a white-hot industrial Techno EP, entitled 'Ai Invasion', accompanied by an IDM-infused remix from hard electronica duo; Somatic Responses.


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After a decade of redefining techno dance floors as AnD, Andrew Bowen returned to his experimental, hardware-focused roots as Slave To Society in October 2019. Since then he has seen his music released by highly revered institutions in the world of hard techno, noise, breakcore, IDM and industrial electronica, such as PRSPCT, Pure Hate, Ohm Resistance and BANK Records NYC.

After forming a close connection to Natural Selection in recent years, Slave To Society returns to the London based imprint after releasing via their VA compilation 'NSUKR' with his track 'Tundra', followed by his remix of Kamikaze Space Programme's 'Dust To Dust' from his physical EP entitled, "Ashes to Ashes, Dust To Dust", released on Natural Selection in 2022.

In the form of a 4-track physical and digital EP, 'Ai Invasion' is a sonic exploration of the symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology.

Slave To Society uses carefully designed futuristic soundscapes and atmospheric textures, layered with AI generated vocals, combined with heavy and fiercely unpredictable drum elements.

Expect advanced, experimental hard techno and noise, fused with powerful low-end muscle, raging hi-hats, fragmented percussion and augmented amens.

The release also features a razor sharp and well-placed remix of track B1 - 'Robot Dementia', courtesy of legendary hard industrial electronica duo; Somatic Responses.

In true Slave To Society fashion, all rules and boundaries are smashed to pieces and all tracks are equally suitable for blasting through the world's biggest club systems and rigs as they are for home listening.

'Ai Invasion' challenges listeners to question the impact of artificial intelligence on our society and the implications of our relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

Cat no. NS005
Expected: 12th April 2024

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