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Eusebeia, Atiq & Arlow 'Transfiguration EP' 12"
Mindtrick Records

Eusebeia, Atiq & Arlow 'Transfiguration EP' 12"

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"Future Jungle vibes form Bristol based Eusebeia, featuring colabs with Atiq & Arlow"


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The next release is a collaborative EP by Eusebeia from which we already released two digital EP`s in the past. Together with Atiq from The Netherlands and UK`s Arlow they created four atmospherical Jungle bangers.

The Transfiguration EP has a distinctive deep meditative vibe and approach to sound. The first two tracks “Through The Motions” and the title track “Transfiguration” written together with Atiq burrow deep into the subconscious and ascend into the universe within itself.

The third track 'Matter' is made in collaboration with Arlow and hits the darker tip, where low bass and seemingly alienated sounds form the more breaking backbone of this existential excursion.

The 4th track of the EP is called “Anti Repressant” and serves as a beautiful closing track of this “Healing through Sound” trip of a record.

Eusebeia's pristine mixing fuses a striking array of audible oddities and emotions, from feelings of isolation and uncertainty to feelings of oneness and purpose - which makes this both a wondrous and delicate release on Mindtrick Records.

Release date: 22nd May 2020

Cat: MTR026

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