Scan 7 'Believe EP' 12" (REPRESS)

Scan 7 'Believe EP' 12" (REPRESS)

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Twelve months after their last outing on Transmat, TrackMastaLou reconvenes with Mr Hooper under the Scan 7 moniker for another EP that masterfully blurs the lines between religion, science fiction and house music joy.

Like many of their peers, this group grew up with the same regular church communions that gave rise to spiritual and soulful artists who went on to define Motown. At the same time, they were attending the clubs that proved breeding grounds for the early house and techno scene and have spent their life’s work furthering this art form with their own unique sense of vision. Last year’s Test of Time EP on this label came with a real sense of righteous energy and this new musical address is another standout tour de force that builds on Detroit—and Transmat’s—fine tradition.

Opener ‘Chuuch’ takes you direct to the altar, with a euphoric gospel singer swelling your heart as raw beats and infectious hand claps add to the whole uplifting experience. ‘No Enemy No Table’ takes a more direct approach to your soul, with tightly coiled bass overlaid by organ chords that burst with spirituality. Quickened beats and a frenzied preacher make this an urgent call to arms that sweeps you off your feet time and time again. This most unforgettable sermon concludes with the deeper, hip swinging claps and piano stabs of ‘Here To There’, a rich, soul infused number that allows you time to meditate on the groove and give yourself over to the unrivalled emotional beauty of this pure- hearted house track.

Not only does their Scan 7 alias come laden with the spirit of Detroit (313 is the city’s area code, and 3+1+3=7) but as this evocative and essential new EP proves, their productions convey the lasting messages and meanings that makes music from this legendary city so well revered.

Expected: 25th June 2021

Cat: MS084

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