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SB81 'B292 - PART 3' 12"

SB81 'B292 - PART 3' 12"

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The largest body of music ever released by Metalheadz, ‘B292’ is made up of 29 tracks across 2 defined parts with a strong emphasis on old skool influences. It’s SB81’s experiences as a youth that give him a real understanding of this era, something that cannot be replicated and where authenticity always stands tall. 

Beginning as a small batch of tracks it wasn’t long before Goldie encouraged SB81 to explore the idea of an album, and via several trips around Low Hill in Wolverhampton (where SB81 lived until the age of 30), it was here where the nostalgia and drive took hold for good. 

SB81 calls this project a ‘pre-1994 Metalheadz sound’, and although no 29-track album deserves such a brief description it does seem so fitting - even more so with a huge amount of respect and admiration for labels such as Reinforced, Production House and Moving Shadow embodied throughout. 

Make no mistake, this is in no way purely an album that tries to recreate the old. The music at its core remains as cutting edge as ever with a fresh on the ears feel and a rave-ready approach. 

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Expected: June 2024

Cat: METAB2923

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