peachlyfe 'Swamplyfe' 12"
Lobster Theremin

peachlyfe 'Swamplyfe' 12"

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Non-binary artist and producer peachlyfe emerges from the high-speed, forward-thinking Copenhagen Techno scene; known for their energetic approach to production coupled with an affiliation for peculiar rhythms and a desire to explore the outer reaches of dance music.

‘Creeper’ sets the standard; unveiling as a fast-paced, itchy and foreboding blend of highly charged kickdrums, rolling hats and sticky, palpitating synths. Nene H, a dynamic producer with strong ties to the Danish capital through her residency at one of the cites most loved parties ‘Endurance’, is on hand to remix- turning in a late-night tale that moves amidst the shadows.

The low-slung groove of ‘Trashman’ is as hypnotic as they come; the type of mind-bending composition that leaves you questioning what exactly just happened, bringing the A-side to a gripping close.

Industrial and brooding, ‘Burst’ opens the B-side with a bang, followed by ‘Elemental Friend’, a trance-leaning cut, blended with percussion that strikes down like metallic fists.

Expected: Oct 2021

Cat: LT086

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