Lobster Theremin


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Narciss' latest EP for Lobster Theremin, Dear Diary, is an emotionally charged journey through smoked-filled rooms and packed-out corridors; lasers, strobes and wide eyes. As much a throwback to the golden era of trance as it is an ode to the producers techno aesthetic, it encapsulates an energy release - an escape from the grimness of the mundane, the fear of contemporary society left at the door as we venture further front left.

‘Ludmilla’ gets things started; a cut of tranced-out, progressive techno that builds and builds, emotional vocal stabs (“I need you”) further enhancing the connection between body and mind, listener and selector. ‘Tall People’ follows a similar route - deeper into the trance revival that has seen various contemporary artists producing some timelessly similar euphoria - it’s scenic techno, if the scene was an anime figure racing across a field on horseback.

The steady 4x4 rhythms are replaced on ‘It Gets Easier’; fast-paced sentiment that floats somewhere between breaks and garage, wrapped up in that signature trancey texture, before the Ikki Mel featuring ‘Blicke’ shows us the door with a completely different take on the previous three moods; this time offering up an altogether harder showcasing of the rave sound with its classic synth stabs and uncompromising kicks.

Expected: June 2021

Cat: LT083

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