Phuture Assassins 'Babylon Newspaper EP' 12"

Phuture Assassins 'Babylon Newspaper EP' 12"

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Phuture Assassins returns to the old skool scene, and rarely has any new old skool EP sounded more perfectly on time.


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This is like a follow up to the classic Roots’n’Future EP as if the years in between had never happened. A perfect blend of the original, authentic, old skool sound, with its signature dub elements, this EP lays the groundwork for progressing into the future while keeping the sound rooted in authenticity. Each track chooses its own path, but all feel both brand new and like they have always existed. Simply put, this is one of the best new EPs from an old skool head since the resurgence began....

Expected: 20th Aug 2021

Cat: KF143

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