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Scuba 'This Is For You (Luke Slater Long Version)' 12"
Hot Flush

Scuba 'This Is For You (Luke Slater Long Version)' 12"

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The musical exchange between Paul Rose (Scuba) and Luke Slater began last summer when the Hotflush boss put his touch to Slater’s 1997 classic ‘Love’, dedicating it to London’s Kings Cross raving institution Bagleys, where he first heard the track. Slater’s gift back to Scuba is similarly stirring, taking his hand to the glistening This Is For You’, an early 2020 highlight.

The ‘Luke Slater Long Version’ serves as a proper electronic jam session charting a course from dubby techno climes, to ecstatic string-laden builds, jazzy introspection and dreamy pads over a thrilling 22 minutes. Epic in every way.

“I was honoured to remix the Luke Slater classic 'Love' in 2019, and in return Luke has delivered some amazing remixes under two of his aliases. It's great to have him on the label for the first time – it goes without saying that I've been a huge fan of his for many years and he's been a big influence on me both as a producer and a DJ.” - Scuba

Expected: 26th February 2021

Cat: HF054i

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