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New Dext from Pugilist and Tamen plus a killer remix from the dons of new school jungle Dwarde and Tim Reaper.


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Kicking off 2023 as we mean to go on Pugilist & Tamen step up for the 1st of a flurry of release’s that we have planned for this year, Luke & Alex emerged on the Melbourne scene in 2016 when they moved from NZ/Barcelona respectively and were united through their love for Drum & Bass/Jungle music The prolific pair have put out music on labels such as 3024, Trule, Tempo Core, Repertoire & Run It Red.
This release sees them cover a wide range of styles all set within 160 + BPM  Jungle / D&B framework “Lithium” sets the tone of the EP with frantic Hardcore Drums underlined by the deepest of subbase’s set against dark & brooding soundscapes.  “Myth” takes things a little deeper but still keeps the energy levels high with 4X4 kicks Jungle Tekno style, accompanied by rolling breakbeats & Lush pads.  “Synesthesia” is more dubbed out affair with tape delayed chords, woozing pitch shifted bass notes and razor sharp break edits. To round off the EP we have killer remix from contemporary Jungle dons Dwarde & Tim Reaper who take the title track up a gear for full on breakbeat Jungle Armageddon !  This is pure sonic weaponry of the highest order all 4 tracks guaranteed to test sound systems enjoy!!

Cat. DEXT017
Expected: 17th March 2023

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