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One of the UK's freshest emerging dance music labels, responsible for stalwart releases from Special Request and Nightwave, return for their 19th release.

The succinct beats of Pugilist have perked the ears of labels like Whities, 3024 and Trule to name but a few. And having previously featured on volume one of the label's new 'EleVAte' compilation series, among artists like Otik, Appleblim and Commix, he returns to the imprint for his first, full four-tracker; 'Siphon'.

The title track, Siphon, blasts through with authentic jungle chops, scattered together asymmetrically like a beautiful chaotic tapestry.

'Regrowth' is a swung garage stepper, jammed live on a 909 with earthquaking low-end frequencies that warmingly morph from underneath.

On remix duties of 'Siphon', is no other than Lobster Theremin alumni, Coco Bryce. With surreal, microprocessing of the heavyweight blows from the original, he also resamples time-stretched speech samples to devastating effect.

'Nightshade' closes out the record with its steadfast amen rinse-out and pokey 808 subs, concluding one of the most forward-thinking and new-school jungle records for the label, all the while serving as an exemplary ode to the old-school.

Expected: 21st November

Cat: DEXT014

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