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On September 11 th , Bristolian futurist Krust presents ‘Constructive Ambiguity’ – the first single taken from his first album in 14 years – 'The Edge Of Everything', plus an exclusive B-side called 'Tree of Life', released via Crosstown Rebels.

A strong opening gambit ahead of the forthcoming long player, both tracks on the single appear as if beamed-in from the edge of the universe, way beyond the precipice in a metaphysical netherworld.

With disregard for structure tropes, ‘Constructive Ambiguity’ is an engrossing and unpredictable speed through various atmospheres and environments that belies its 12-minute length. A careering space-shuttle-bassline bounces through an asteroid shower at high velocity, slowing at intervals when the cosmos becomes clear, before the next onslaught.

‘Tree Of Life’ harnesses the power of repetition with an incessant militant beat, which eventually leads into a formidably musical passage of dark, ominously beautiful cinematic ambience that evokes the profound unknown.

It’s clear this pre-eminent electronic icon who constantly and integrally blew minds throughout the 90s and 00s is on his best ever form, having explored radical new philosophical, mental and creative processes to return revitalised.

Both the album and single stand-out from the crowd, located above-and-beyond standard floor- focussed confines. Krust’s music is more individualistic; closer to the vivid brushstrokes of a fauvist painting, and less like a diagram on a grid.

The sound is unmistakably Krust, but now wider, deeper, freer, more intense and more fully-realised. If past anthems like ‘Warhead’ and ‘Soul In Motion’ gave you a peek through the creator’s doors of perception, here they are flung wide open, pulling you across into awe-inspiring new worlds.

Keen to seek new paths and subvert the norm, Krust opted to release via Crosstown Rebels following the fervid advances of Damian Lazarus. The pair have a longstanding history, which began when the label owner played drum & bass in his former DJ duo, PM Scientists.

Release date: 11th September 2020

Cat: CRM240

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