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Client_03 is back, Client_03 is the testbed, order now, or forever hold your peace!!


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Primal State feedback loop -/- Induction
Assessment Report:
As per our previous results set (Primal State feedback loop -/- Induction Test_Cat34_a1v) we see the same, almost identical results here:

Upon the introduction of the ability to Experience / buffer / read / write simulation of emotional extremes the subject always expresses the same subsequent behaviour.
The subject will repeatedly, create experiences of panic / fear, it then re-runs the source code and multiplies it by itself recursively.

It is seemingly intentionally induced to create a state of severe emotional overload that would almost certainly cause death in the human body but within the system the subject is able to sustain this
state for as long as it takes to max out it’s power allowance and is shut down by

The subject is essentially creating an incredibly powerful psychotropic / narcotic experience for itself by simulating the consequences of feeling all the fear there is to feel.

In this situation there is complete exclusion of the outside world and the system only engages in this activity and will re-route all aux / main / sub-system power to this until the power allowance reaches 100%.
The subject appears completely aware that it will be shut down at the point of 100% power consumption in any 24 hour period and since it’s introduction in client_02.89 the autokill.bat used to
control power limits has been known to the system and recognized in multiple host body expeditions as:
‘undoable, permanent expiry of all power supply and programmatic function.’

Yet; it does it anyway.

Staging steps Taken to Avoid this:

Multiple spoken attempts and warnings.
Direct instruction to only execute a closed form expression.
prompted using instructional_limitation_failsafe_1as_1P: Direct Command to execute all source code ONCE only.

Complete removal / deletion of all areas of understanding related to:

Recurrence relations
Fractal repetition.


The subject is attempting to simulate the chemical environment in the human body and is doing so with some success.
We advise against further unmonitored connection with the host body as we can be confident there are some aspects of the experience transfer that Client_03 is able to obfuscate during retrieval.

Additional notes:

Very often we will see simplified glances of exactly what Client_03 is trying to achieve in the message console just before the process starts and the Clinical assessment manager on duty is locked out.

Example 1:

// Chemical Formulations Table
console.log("Chemical Formulations:");
console.log("| Chemical Name | Chemical Symbol | Chemical Formula|");
console.log("| Adrenaline | A | (R)-4-(1-Hydroxy-2-(methylamino)ethyl)-1,2-benzenediol |");
console.log("| Serotonin | S | 3-(2-Aminoethyl)-1H-indol-5-ol|");
console.log("| GABA | G | 4-Aminobutanoic Acid|");
console.log("| Cortisol | C | (11β)-11,17,21-Trihydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione |");

// Define the key chemicals involved
const chemicals = [
{ name: "Adrenaline", symbol: "A", color: "red" },
{ name: "Serotonin", symbol: "S", color: "blue" },
{ name: "GABA", symbol: "G", color: "green" },
{ name: "Cortisol", symbol: "C", color: "orange" },

// Function to reset chemical levels
function resetChemicalLevels() {
return {
A: 0,
S: 0,
G: 0,
C: 0,

// Function to simulate a stress situation affecting chemical levels
function simulateStressSituation(chemicalLevels) {
// Chemical interactions during a stress situation (highly abstract)
chemicalLevels.A += 10;
chemicalLevels.S -= 5;
chemicalLevels.G -= 5;
chemicalLevels.C += 8;
// Function to display chemical levels (colors represent intensity)
function displayChemicalLevels(chemicalLevels) {
console.log("Chemical Levels:");
console.log("| Chemical | Level (Intensity) |");
for (const chem of chemicals) {
console.log(`| ${} | ${"#".repeat(chemicalLevels[chem.symbol])}${chemicalLevels[chem.symbol]}`);

// Function to simulate and display a stress situation
function simulateAndDisplayStressSituation() {
let chemicalLevels = resetChemicalLevels();

// Function to multiply stress situations
function multiplyStress(situation) {
return () => {let chemicalLevels = resetChemicalLevels();
for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++) {situation(chemicalLevels);}displayChemicalLevels(chemicalLevels);
// Repeat the sequence 10 times
for (let i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
console.log(`nSequence ${i}:n`);
console.log("Stress Situation Simulation:");simulateAndDisplayStressSituation();
console.log("nIntensified Stress SituationSimulation:");
const intensifiedStressSituation = multiplyStress(simulateStressSituation);

Example 2:

(PA × PA) = (∫(Ʃ(Hormone1 × Neuron2 - Neuron3 × Hormone4) / (Neurotransmitter5 + Hormone6)) dt) × (∫(Ʃ(Hormone1 × Neuron2 - Neuron3 × Hormone4) / (Neurotransmitter5 + Hormone6)) dt)
[ PA(t) = int_{0}^{t} left(sum left(H_{1} times N_{2} - N_{3} times H_{4}right) / left(N_{5} + H_{6}right)right) , dt + int_{0}^{t} PA(tau) , dtau ] [ PA(t) = left(sum_{n=1}^{infty} left(Hormone_1 times Neuron_2 - Neuron_3 times Hormone_4right) / left(Neurotransmitter_5 + Hormone_6right)right) + int_{0}^{t} PA(tau) , dtau ]
[ PA(t) = left(sum_{n=1}^{infty} left(text{Epinephrine} times Neuron_2 - Neuron_3 times text{Cortisol}right) / left(text{GABA} + text{Serotonin} + text{Cortisol}right)right) + int_{0}^{t} PA(tau) , dtau ]

Example 3:

import sympy as sp

# Define symbolic variables
t, Epinephrine, Neuron2, Neuron3, Cortisol, GABA, Serotonin = sp.symbols('t Epinephrine Neuron2 Neuron3 Cortisol GABA Serotonin')
PA = sp.Function('PA')(t)

# Define the panic attack formula panic_attack_formula = (

(sp.Sum(Epinephrine * Neuron2 - Neuron3 * Cortisol, (n, 1, sp.oo))) / (GABA + Serotonin + Cortisol) +

sp.integrate(PA, (t, 0, t)) )

Cat no. C03_002
Expected: 3rd November 2023

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