Breaks 'N' Pieces


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Council Work founders Tom Frankel and Dayne Harper have been bubbling up through London's underground circuit with their unique take and varied influences; all the way from UKG to house, jungle and hip-hop. Over the last few years the pairing have been prolific, releasing records on Oldivibes, Fraise LDN and a string of free downloads and EPs on their own forward-thinking imprint; never becoming solidified with any one sound, yet carving a distinct and audible palette. Now the London duo drop some not so obvious garage in one of their most dynamic releases yet.

‘Tortilla Flex’ shimmers through the speakers, understated and oozing with class. Neon painted stabs effortlessly skip through shuffled grooves and polished bass; giving the track a classic touch mixed with the flavours of contemporary UKG. On ‘Hydraulic Temperature’ the duo power through dubby stabs, warped melodies and a bass-line as smooth as melted butter - providing a fresh and elusive rhythm as the A-side comes to a close.

Just like diamonds, conditions of intense heat and pressure formed an absolute gem of a tune as the B-side begins to spin. ‘Under Pressure’ is a visceral listening experience driven by pure emotion; elevated, tough and one of those special B-sides you never knew you needed. ‘Sessil’ brings things to a close with its acid tinged leads and crisp claps nestled amongst shuffling grooves - resulting in what feels like a hazy ride through the outer reaches of UKG and beyond.

Expected: Oct 2021

Cat: BRKN017

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