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Antagonist / Fortune  'Cycles / Rough Divide' 12"

Antagonist / Fortune 'Cycles / Rough Divide' 12"

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A1. Antagonist - Cycles
B1. Fortune - Rough Divide

After what feels like an unholy passage of time since our first 12" release, Discipline is extremely pleased to announce that we are back in the game with a sequel that, while tonally quite different from our first, should be right up the alleyway of any discerning DJ of expressive, forward-thinking Drum and Bass music. Antagonist's "Cycles" is a cinematic excursion through a carefully sequenced procession of moods, seven and a half minutes of spacious, balanced dynamics, squalling acidic stabs and sparse percussion punctuated by sharp Amen cuts in the final stretch. Cycling through a range of emotions, the carefully crafted delivery, and the gradual emergence and departure of each theme add up to a gloriously coherent statement. The B-side sees Fortune flipping the script with “Rough Divide”, a call and response groove that, as ever in his productions, chucks the map over its shoulder and picks the less obvious paths to meander down.Brooding strings, amniotic sub bass, wind and weather warp into the crackle of records and the warmth of a dying fire, and a sense of real foreboding that resolves into a payoff so satisfying you'd get a lump in your throat thinking of the whole entire hordes of DJ's who don't have the patience or the confidence to play more than two minutes of any given tune. We hope you enjoy this record as much as we are proud of it, and we hope you will take the time to appreciate these pieces of music for what they are.


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