Richi Ratchet 'The First Episode!' 12"

Richi Ratchet 'The First Episode!' 12"

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AAACID003 is the second EP from Amir Alexander’s Richie Ratchet Moniker. The major difference in the work of Richie and his twin Brother Jack Ingoff is the clever use of vocals. Singlehandedly writing new chapter in the Acid House Manual with off kilter polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and unconventional tongue and cheek topics, Amir through his AAACID label continues to go from strength to strength as he seeks to refine and progress the artform of Acid Jack. Field tested, all 4 of these tracks have been putting in work world wide and moving dancefloors to a sweaty frenzy in the process.Just an prolific artist expressing himself, having fun, and adding something unique to the culture. Modern Acid for forward thinking Underground Heads

Cat: AAACID003

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