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Niceteed 'Nothing But Pain EP' 12"
Chapeau Music

Niceteed 'Nothing But Pain EP' 12"

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Chapeau Music is glad to present this first limited vinyl release from Niceteed. “Nothing But Pain EP” is an obscure record wrapped by hard and uncompromising dancefloor-oriented raw grooves and punchy low ends. Only 300 copies, gone is gone, no repress.

The title track “Nothing But Pain” has huge rounded kick, violent sub bass and mighty groove elements absorbed inside the reverberated synth stab and vocal, a track which belongs in the peak-moment of every secret rave. If we consider we also have a more Tech-oriented banger remix by Josh Coakley everything collides on an absolute terrific A-side.

The flip side opens with “Leben”, a tribute track for the crew that Niceteed is part of in his hometown. Here the fast and weighty kick drum hugs the rhythmic components, gritty hi-hats and claps. Everything settles down on the straight and impact synth stab line. The final track “Ketama Aurea” lead us in the darkest part of this record, a gloomier zone that perfectly fits the end of this EP. Over the baggy kick drum everything is surrounded by the tangled synth melodies, their sounds are intertwined in the mix like arms of ravers in the murkiest warehouse party. Here the melancholic vocal is opposed to the warm bassline that stands out after the breaks in an impressive way.

Expected: June 2021


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