Lou Karsh 'Lifeforms' 12" (Repress)

Lou Karsh 'Lifeforms' 12" (Repress)

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This is a special record, and some of Lucas’ best work without a doubt. Don’t sleep!


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Another X-Kalay OG returns to the label this summer and we couldn’t be happier :) It’s not a huge overstatement to say that Lucas’ first record on X-Kalay, “Ataraxia”, was somewhat of a milestone in the development of both artist and label, and it has been a huge pleasure to see him go from strength to strength since its release just over two years ago. These days it’s fair to say that Lucas is one of the most exciting young artists in the game - with a finely crafted knack for electro, and the 303 in particular, pretty much second to none. We’re super proud to welcome him back with his next effort -“Lifeforms”.

The emotive opener is “Amongst us in Harmony” - steadily building through deep pads and bouncing arps, the now trademark Lou Karsh acid bassline ever present. Coming in over 8 minutes, it’s a truly galactic track. “Internally Vexed”is a more stripped back affair. The breaksy groove is underpinned by the snappiest of snares and shrouded in celestial pads, the masterful use of the 303 demonstrating one of the sharpest and slickest basslines you’re likely to hear this year >:0

On the flip, “Alien With a Subwoofer (Skyline Mix)” is pacey club material built around deep wobs, a seriously wiggly 303, and carefully constructed pads building subtle tension. The sound of aliens redlining straight through your hood. Rounding things off, title track “Lifeforms” is beautifully crafted deep electronica; full of emotion and lush pads, otherworldly atmospherics and yearning synths.

Cat. XK021

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