*PRE-ORDER* Pyramid Of Nahash 'Xciot EP'  12"
Asphalt Records

*PRE-ORDER* Pyramid Of Nahash 'Xciot EP' 12"

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Xciot EP is the first release by Pyramid Of Nahash (Pyramid Of Knowledge and Nahash), who in this project for Asphalt Records, tag team to merge breakbeat science and bass experiments with classic analogue Trance and early Ambient-Techno melodies. The result is a cinematic, sci-fi safari through outer space in a futuristic hardcore vessel.

Remixing duties have been handed to a second collaborative effort: RVSHES (Logos and DB1), who in their Recombination Mix, carve, bend and reshape the original material into a rugged, angular, yet melancholic techno artefact.

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Expected: May 2024


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