Violet 'Espírito EP (ft. Eris Drew)' 12"

Violet 'Espírito EP (ft. Eris Drew)' 12"

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Folks, grab a seat because mother is back! Well, technically Violet’s just released a whole album on naivety - go check it out btw - but this will be her first naive solo EP since “Togetherness” exploded and became the ubiquitous dancefloor track we all know and love. On “Espírito” she leaves behind any trace of contemplative jungle and house hybridification to concoct a commanding blend of leftfield Detroit techno sonics and dramatic NYC tribal house. The A-side is a perfect example of this fiery marriage of Sound Factory hard-house beats and glass-like pointillisms that evoke Terrence Dixon and other Midwest experimentalists. 

On the remix we have none other than the Motherbeat founder, High Priestess of the decks and naive royalty Eris Drew, who takes the celestial clouds of spiritual Love from the original and layers them over slick but super-satisfyingly complex beats and textures, exploding into moments of pure lightness and sisterly dancefloor expansion.

Cat: NAIVE014

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