DJ Ham 'Give It To Em EP' 12"

DJ Ham 'Give It To Em EP' 12"

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Dj Ham (aka Hamilton) is a Kniteforce original artist, one of the ones who were there from the beginning and were part of the original success of the Kniteforce label as a whole. His classic work includes Most Uplifting and Let Yourself Go, the second of which gets a huge remix on this EP! But that’s the last track on the EP, because as good as it is, it is eclipsed by Dj Hams new work. Give It To Em contains all the elements you would expect – an old skool sound, sure, but innovation and trickery to stun and amaze while forcing the dancefloor to explode. Likewise, Noise Up grabs you by the ears and will not let go until its had its wicked way with you. A big EP from a big artist, not to be missed....

Expected: 20th Aug 2021

Cat: KF145

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